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the piemaker


Horned Man
by: Greg Verhaeghe

 "See you in Hell, monster."


jesus, take the wheel. now put it in first - no, put the clutch in and - jesus, what the fuck, you said you could drive stick


We’re still not over the trailer for Tim Burton’s latest film Big Eyes

Big Hero 6 character bios found in Big Hero 6: The Junior Novelization



A commission that I’ve been working on this week between…well.. work.  A really great commissioner (rackthejipper) asked me to reimagine a Naga bro i drew a few years ago but this time have him fighting an amazonian lady.  

So while drawing it i sorta came up with a star-crossed lovers scenario in my head.   Qetza (as i came to call him) is used to being worshipped by his fellow Naga warriors, being one of the strongest, bravest (read: brash and stupid) and instilling legends and awe in the humans they occasionally interact with.  The two races don’t have much contact, only glimpses of each other in rare instances.  However the humans are so struck by his majesty that they’ve started to view him as a God, and are sacrificing lives to appease him.  One of these lives was our amazon warrior’s sister, and she’s come for revenge.  Not only is Qet taken aback by such violence against him by a seemingly lesser race, he can’t imagine anyone not worshipping the ground he … slithers.. on.  Unable to best the other in battle, the two enter into a different kind of battle, one of curiosity and discovery.  

Taboo relationships. Adorbs.  Also, happy valentine’s day?????  Try to stab your crush in the face today!!

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